Where are you located? 

We are located at 55 Natividad Road, Salinas, CA 93906


What time are your services?

Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:30 AM and our Wednesday evening bible study is at 6:30 PM. 


What is Coffee and Carbs? 

Coffee and Carbs is at 10:00 AM each Sunday morning.  We have donuts, bagels, and coffee and it is a time to get to know one another and to develop community.


How would you describe your church? 

We have been described as "friendly" and we have been told that we have a "family atmosphere."  Many say that the presence of God can be felt when we gather. Our church has a relaxed atmosphere, is real, and people come as they are.  We are "the imperfect church for imperfect people" and our mission is "to love God and people."   Our church is like a hospital where the broken and wounded can find healing.  We have ordinary people in whom God has done extraordinary things.  We are a Pentecostal church that has a balanced approach and we believe that all the spiritual gifts outlined in the scriptures are in operation today.  We are expressive in our worship, yet each person can worship God in how they most feel comfortable.  Our church has bible based teaching both on Sunday mornings and at our Wednesday evening bible study. 


What can I expect on Sunday mornings? 

We are a friendly church and have a relaxed atmosphere.  Our Sunday morning worship service usually lasts from 80 to 90 minutes.  We begin at 10:30 AM and end approximately at 12:00 PM.  A typical service may look like 30-35 minutes of corporate worship and prayer, 10 minutes for announcements and offering, 30-35 minutes of speaking, and 10 minutes of response or altar time.  We are passionate in our worship and we have extended times of prayer, lingering in the presence of God.  It is our desire that those who come encounter the presence of God each week.  As far as our teaching, our Pastor will usually preach in a series.  The teaching is down to earth, applicable to our lives, and relevant.  We have handouts and a PowerPoint prepared for each message which has the scriptures and points we will be covering that morning.


What is your Wedneday evening bible study like?

We call our Wednesday evening bible study "Going Deeper."  It is a time when we go deep into the word of God and develop relationships.  We meet on Wednesdays in our fellowship hall at 6:30 PM except during the months of July and December.  We have some "decaf" coffee brewed and usually someone will bring a snack.  We develop relationships, pray, and have an in depth bible study.  From 6:30 to 7:00 we fellowship and pray and usually begin the bible study by 7:00.  


Do you have children's ministries? 

Yes we do.  Our children's ministry; Northside Kids is for nursery through 5th grade.  The nursery and preschool are available during service and then after worship grades K-5th are dismissed to learn the bible at their own level.  


What other ministries do you have? 

We have outreaches to the community throughout the year, women's ministries, a ministry called The Bread of Life ministry which feeds and ministers to the homeless, The Branch ministry which hands out food twice a month, our Worship and Media Ministry (WAMM), and have several missionaries we support. 


What is your denomination?

We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  


What is your worship style? 



What are your beliefs? 

You can find a detailed description on the "What We Believe" section on this website. 


Do you have a Facebook page? 

Yes we do.  You can click HERE or on the Facebook link at the top of the website.  You will also notice at the top of our website that our Northside Kids ministries has their own Facebook page as well.